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  • patent name / Diabetic Vascular Degeneration Detection System
  • inventor / Meei-Ling Sheu,
  • Patent number /

Diabetes is not only a high blood sugar concentration and obvious urine sugar, the most difficult is the cause of some complications. Maintaining glycemic control in patients with diabetes prevents many of the microvascular and macrovascular complications associated with diabetes. Vascular complications are responsible for most of the morbidity, hospitalizations, and death that occur in patients with diabetes mellitus. Our laboratory develops vascular degeneration detection system, especially for the serum quantitative analysis in functional assay. In addition, the detection system can simultaneously detect tears for retinopathy. In the future, it will be possible to further analyze for urine. The vascular degeneration detection system will provide more specificity, facilitating effective and rapid assistance to clinicians for immediate diagnosis and long-term vascular disease monitoring.

Diabetes, Vascular Degeneration, Detection System, Retinopathy