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  • patent name / Shorten The Black Garlic Process via Tea Leaves and Mitigate The Formation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural during The Production of Black Garlic
  • inventor / Chang-Wei Hsieh
  • Patent number / M534524、M533870、M532745、M568042

Black garlic is aged in a high temperature and high humidity environment for a certain number of days. 5-HMF is produced during the aging process of black garlic. 5-HMF has been pointed out to cause health hazards such as liver and kidney toxicity, DNA damage, Tumor metastasis, etc. 5-HMF has been indicated to be combined with flavanol-like compounds. Therefore, the present technology reduces the content of 5-HMF by soaking EGCG, a flavanol-like compounds. In addition, the tea is rich in EGCG, so our work uses tea and garlic for co-aging. The results show that tea can not only shorten the fermentation time of black garlic, improve the original taste of black garlic, but also effectively reduce the content of 5-HMF, and at the same time give black garlic a better antioxidant capacity. It proves that this technology can improve the efficacy of black garlic while reducing 5-HMF. In the future, it is hoped that this processing method will be applied to the black garlic process, which will help to improve the quality, safety and nutritional value of black garlic.

Black garlic; Tea; Accelerate Processing Time; Maillard Reaction; 5-hydroxymethylfurfural