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  • patent name / Developing Black Garlic Extract with Improved Gastrointestinal Function
  • inventor / Chang-Wei Hsieh
  • Patent number / I600431

Garlic has been pointed out that it can promote defecation. However, only a few studies have focused on improving the function of gastrointestinal tract in black garlic. 5-HT4 is a receptor with high affinity in the gastrointestinal tract myenteric plexus, which can promote the release of acetylcholine from cholinergic neurons in the intestine, shrinking smooth muscle, and promoting intestinal peristalsis. The technology explores the effects of different extract layers on the function of gastrointestinal tract in black garlic extract through layered extraction. The results showed that the n-butanol extract layer of black garlic can directly affect the intestinal peristalsis by increasing the content of 5-HT4, and effectively promote the gastrointestinal emptying and defecation function. The experimental results also confirmed that black garlic polysaccharide has great potential in promoting the health effect of gastrointestinal tract. In the future, black garlic polysaccharide can be applied to medicines with improved gastrointestinal function, and even developed into a new type of black garlic health care product.

Black Garlic; Gastrointestinal Tract Function; 5-HT4; Polysaccharide