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  • patent name / A Study of Lidar Embedded Module Employing Smart Laser Headlight for Autonomous Driving
  • inventor / Wood-Hi Cheng
  • Patent number / 一種以光達嵌入於智慧車燈自動駕駛之方法及裝置(美國專利編號:62/857,662)、MEMS-Based 1550-nm波長 LIDAR之光學架構及製造方法(美國專利編號:62/853,538)、VCSEL 1550nm光源之架構及製造方法(美國專利編號:62/856,518)

The key to plant photosynthesis using sunlight is the chloroplast of the leaves, which produces the carbohydrates necessary for growth and development. Therefore, plant photosynthesis is the main source of carbohydrates and oxygen in nature, and it is also the basis for our human survival. And crop yield is related to several major factors, including photosynthesis efficiency, water absorption and utilization efficiency, fertilizer absorption efficiency, resistance to pests and diseases, and temperature adaptability. Crop yield declines due to climate change and manpower reduction. Therefore, crop cultivation and increased yield in extreme climates are important issues to be solved. To reduce the amount of water, fertilizers, and pesticides through smart farming to achieve less water, less fertilizer, pesticides, and less disease. We collected a variety of different sensor data to develop wisdom irrigation system. The feature selection and artificial intelligence approaches were used to build the prediction model. Finally, we chosen five significant features for our system.

LiDAR Module, Smart Laser Headlight, Embedded System, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Driving